About IWR

Intrinsic Workforce Recruiters is a recruiting firm that specializes in rapid recruiting solutions for companies of all sizes. Intrinsic Workforce Recruiting was founded within the national Executive Search Firm, the JMJ Phillip Group, and over the years has developed into its own brand by offering high quality, transparent recruiting solutions for non-executive searches.

More than a decade ago when the company was getting started, we came up with the Intrinsic Workforce Recruiters name after talking about the meaning of the term Intrinsic Value.  We wanted to offer a service that had a true value to those companies seeking to fill mid-level professional positions without paying the high costs associated with hiring a top executive search firm.

With recruiters located across North America, we have developed a network that allows us to service nearly all metropolitan areas and rural areas with both local and national recruiting efforts. We have always believed in reasonable fees with high levels of service while making top quality placements and refuse to take the easy way out by placing ads. We offer real recruiting solutions.

What we believe in:

  • Qualifying each candidate thoroughly; we never forward blind resumes
  • Only submitting candidates we would be proud to hire ourselves
  • Offer consultative advice to our customers on candidate selection
  • Recruiting both passive and active candidates without online ads

Have a position that has been open for far too long? Call us at 1-888-577-6331