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Intrinsic Workforce Recruiters (IWR) is a leading cost-effective recruitment firm, skilled at delivering top talent quickly and effectively. Founded as an off-shoot of JMJ Phillip Group, IWR is a premier boutique executive recruiting firm with the ability to headhunt talent across diverse industries. For more than 15 years companies globally have trusted the JMJ Phillip portfolio of companies and top recruiters to deliver precise results with the highest levels of customer service time and time again.

Our Recruiting Services

Selecting an executive recruiter for your organization’s unique talent acquisition and recruiting needs on price alone can be disastrous. Don’t leave your recruitment strategy to chance.

IWR houses the best and most cost effective recruitment methods in the market designed to provide the same high-level of top recruiting services you would expect from the larger recruiting firms without being hard on your budget.

There is a difference between negotiating a recruiting firm down on their price and ending up with their most junior recruiter versus working with a company designed to implement cost effective recruitment strategies while still providing the highest level of service.

You came to IWR because you have a need to make rapid, great hires at reasonable costs without sacrificing candidate quality. You want to partner with a firm that is made of only the top executive recruiters.

Transparency Means No Gimmicks Or Games When Hiring A Cost Effective Recruitment Firm & Working With Top Recruiters

We talk a lot about transparency because we are open and honest about our fees and what you can expect when working with us. As a member of the well-known and respected JMJ Phillip Group of recruitment agencies and top executive recruiters, we carry the same level of professionalism and integrity as our executive recruiter colleagues.

We do not make promises we cannot keep and we won’t work on a project we know we cannot complete. We often work on flat fees so you know exactly what the fees will be, because our only goal is to bring you the talent you need to make your business better.

Local & Nationwide Recruiting
What Recruitment Services Are Best For You?

Over a decade ago, before there was the Internet recruiting boom, we could recruit people from all over the world from sectors including manufacturing, technology, supply chain, defense, professional services, automotive, energy and life sciences with just a telephone.

Today the game is the same: we can be in New York City and recruit people from Seattle or Detroit. Regardless of where our executive recruiters are located, our recruitment services have the reach and capability to execute your search.

The only question is: Do you want a local or national candidate?

Customer Service Isn’t Dead, It’s Hard To Believe, We Know

In the last five years it seems as if customer service is dead–from retail to restaurants to the 800 support number for your iPad.

Our clients say great customer service is what put us on the map and to this day allows IWR and the JMJ Phillip portfolio of companies and top recruiters to become one of the fastest growing recruiting groups in America.

From weekly updates to 24/7 access to your recruiting manager, we continue to build our reputation on high levels of customer service. What else would you expect from the nation’s top recruiting firm with the best recruiters?

Local and Nationwide Professional Recruitment Services

At IWR we work in nearly every major metropolitan area in the country. IWR delivers cost effective recruitment strategies in many sectors including manufacturing, technology, supply chain, defense, professional services and life sciences.

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